591B Foal IgG Analyzer Kit
A newborn foal is entirely dependent on maternal antibodies, absorbed following ingestion of colostrum, from its dam in the first few hours of life for immune protection.  Failure of the passive transfer of maternal antibodies puts the foal at significant risk of infectious diseases. Monitoring the success of passive transfer by measuring levels of IgG in the blood of neonatal foals is critical if early intervention and treatment is required.

The 591B Densimeter, when loaded with the foal IgG calibration, provides a quick and accurate onsite measurement of the foal's immunoglobulin G (IgG) level. This test utilizes a small sample of the foal's blood to determine the concentration of IgG present at the time of the test.

The 591B Densimeter display shows step-by-step prompts which guide the operator through the IgG test. Automatic temperature stabilization of the test compartment insures maximum accuracy in low temperature environments. The entire IgG test takes approximately 15 minutes and provides an accurate numeric result (mg/dl).  There are no color change charts or need to estimate degree of agglutination with this test.

The Foal IgG Analyzer Kit includes the 591B Densimeter, foal IgG concentration calibration, and all equipment and supplies needed for the first 20 tests.  Each kit includes pre-filled measurement and dilution cuvettes which minimize onsite setup time and help insure accurate results. Additional Foal IgG Test Supply Kits are sold with all supplies needed for ten (10) tests.

ARS recommends that this test and treatment of foals with inadequate passive transfer be done under the direction of their veterinarian. An IgG upgrade kit is available to add the IgG capability to the 591B Sperm Counter.
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Part Number
591B Foal IgG Analyzer Kit
The 591B Foal IgG Analyzer Kit (DENK-925) includes:
CE Mark
Qty Description Part Number
1 591B Equine Densimeter 591B-MOD2
1 180 ul Fixed Volume Positive Displacement Pipette 594KR-1800
2 Foal IgG Test Supply Kit IGG-101-KIT
1 591B Foal IgG Instruction Manual 591B-135-21
1 Power Supply with Cord 537-684
1 USB 2.0 Serial Cable 537-796
1 Foal IgG Calibration CD 591-139-0107
1 Kimwipes 537-669
1 "Techniques in Equine Reproduction" Book 537-342
1 ARS Foal IgG Poster IGG-101-POST
591B Foal IgG Analyzer Kit

ARS recommends that the Foal IgG Test Supply Kit be in transit no more than two (2) days. It has been shown that extended exposure to excessive heat during the warmer times of year may damage the Anti-Equine IgG Serum contained in the kit..  Please select the appropriate shipping method to meet the two (2) day recommendation during checkout.  If you would like the Foal IgG kit to be shipped with a faster service, and the rest of your order to be shipped as selected, please leave a note in the comments section of the shopping cart and the shipping for your order will be automatically adjusted. 

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